9 Best Way to Fix Lag in Free Fire Game – Free Fire Lag Fix

Today, we are talking about Free fire lag Fix problems that is facing by lots of free fire players in their phone. And as we know Garena Free Fire is also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or just Free Fire.

But there are lots of gamers are facing lag problem in their phone and Free Fire. And they have lots of queries like Free Fire Lag Fix, Free Fire Lag Fix 1gb ram, Free Fire Lag Fix 2gb ram, and many more.

But all we know that It is one of the most famous mobile battle games which covers a wide range of populations not in India only but the whole world. It was developed and experimented with by Garena Studio.

A summary on Fire Fire – It was first released on 20 NOVEMBER 2016 but on 4 DECEMBER 2018, it got legal status. It is very famous especially in youth and covers the male population mostly.

Free Fire Lag Fix

9 Best Way to Fix Lag in Free Fire Game – Free Fire Lag Fix

This game starts from an island and players were free to choose weapons, equipment like daggers squad knife as per their own choice, this feature makes it unique and different from another one.

Now the biggest problem related to this game is that How to fix lag in free fire? Do not worry if I am here, I will tell you the easiest way to solve this problem. For this, you need to do these things –


How To Fix lag in Free Fire (Free Fire Lag fix)?

  1. Minimum requirements for Free Fire
  2. Clear cache of  Apk
  3. Internal storage space running out
  4. GFX Tool for Free Fire Lag Fix
  5. Clear background running apps
  6. Best game booster for Free Fire
  7. Enable 4x MSAA android
  8. Uninstall Extra Apps
  9. Update Free Fire Config File to Fix Lag

These are the steps you should take care to Fix lag in Free fire. Specially for who have low ram phone and you guys lots of queries like free fire lag fix 1gb ram, free fire lag fix 2gb ram. All problems will be solved if you guys follow these steps by your requirements.

1. Minimum requirements for Free Fire

The minimum phone requirements to play Free Fire is different for IOS devices and Android devices.

For IOS phone must have –

  • IOS 8.0 or above
  • Minimum 460MB space should be available
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • Processor A6 Duo Core

For Android Phone minimum requirements to play Free Fire lag-free you must have –

  • Minimum Android Version 4.0.3 or above
  • Minimum 270MB space should be available
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • Processor Quad Core

So make sure that you have proper phone requirements to play free fire lag-free.

2. Clear cache of Apps

Clear cache – this term means that every application has permission to store cache in memory or internal storage to run it smoothly. But that will indirectly affect your gaming performance.

Follow these steps to clear the cache –

  1. Go to Phone settings
  2. Find Apps or Application manager or App management
  3. Now you will see all apps that you install and pre-installed too.
  4. Select one by one
  5. And select storage options in-app that you selected.
  6. Then you will two option clear cache and clear data
  7. You have click on clear cache.
  8. That’s it, then do it for every app.

This will also improve the Free Fire lag Fix problem.

3. Internal Storage Space Running Out

One of the biggest problem that I know because every android and ios users one time face this problem in their life. But nowadays an android phone comes with lots of internal storage types such as 32gb, 64gb, even 128gb too.

But don’t worry guys if you face this problem and your want fix Free Fire lag Fix problem, then follow these simple steps –

  1. Expand the storage by using a memory card.
  2. Always try to don’t full internal storage.
  3. Store big files in external storage such as movies, musics, etc.
  4. Go to the File Manager of your phone.
  5. Scan Big files
  6. Move them to external storage or delete it
  7. Delete the unwanted files
  8. Delete hidden files of your phone
  9. By Phone cleaner.

4. GFX Tool for Free Fire Lag Fix

This tool resolves your Free Fire lag Fix problem because through this app you can customize your graphics settings and many more.

Are you know this GFX Tool for Free Fire Lag Fix is free and it is officially available on play store. So no need to worry about security issues.

GFX Tool for free fire lag fix

GFX Tool for free fire lag fix

Key Features of GFX Tool –

  • Change resolution of your game
  • Change FPS level of your game
  • Change graphics style settings of your game

Follow these steps to apply the setting – 

  1. GFX Tool For Free Fire Lag Fix – Download it
  2. Install it and Open it
  3. If your has the minimum spec to run Free Fire then implement these settings
  4. Set Screen Resolution too low – 960×540
  5. Set Graphic quality to low
  6. Set FPS (Frame Per Second) to low at 30 FPS or in between 30 FPS to 40 FPS
  7. Save it

Note – This app will not work on all devices.

5. Clear Background Runnings Apps

This means don’t do multitasking activity while playing the game because this will automatically reduce the gaming performance and you guys might be face lag in free fire.

Todays lots of phone comes with gaming mode option. I am recommending you to enable it. Because it will automatically reduce the background process such as clearing the background running apps and the incoming call comes float window or you can disable incoming calls too.

If you don’t have such features on your phone you can do it by following these steps –

  • Go to Phone settings
  • Find Apps or Application manager or App management
  • Select one by one apps
  • Then Click on Battery on Power Usage
  • Then click on Disable background Running Process
  • After you done it
  • Reboot your device

6. Best Game Booster For Free Fire

As discussed in Clear Background running process about gaming mode. You can call it Gaming mode or Game Booster because there are lots of brands that they provide the gaming mode or game booster in their phone.

But don’t worry guys, if you don’t have that gaming mode or game booster you can get it on your phone too. To resolve the problem of Free Fire lag Fix.

Game Booster For Free Fire Lag fix

Game Booster For Free Fire Lag fix

Download Now

Features you get from this app –

  • Boost your phone performance
  • Optimizing your games
  • This app have Auto Gaming Mode
  • Game Turbo
  • GFX Tool
  • HUD Monitor
  • Zero Lag Mode

7. Enable 4xMSAA Android

This is an advanced setting that you have to do it on your own risk. This setting will not harm your phone don’t worry, I just warn you to do it carefully because if you enable any other setting that might be harming your phone performance.

By enabling this setting on your phone it will enhance your gaming performance by forcefully enabling it. This option called as Force Enable 4xMSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing). This feature will enhance to load texture smoothly.

How to enable 4xMSAA Feature

  1. Go to Phone Settings
  2. Click on About Phone
  3. Click continuously 7 to 10 times on Kernel-Version Or Build Number
  4. Now you see in the bottom of your phone ”your developer option is enabled”
  5. Now go to the developer option
  6. And then find Fore 4xMSAA
  7. Enable it and reboot your phone
  8. All done

8. Uninstall Extra Apps

As I discussed if your phone space is running out you can uninstall extra apps from your phone. There are lots of lag issues you will face while playing the game.

If your phone has low internal storage make sure that always clean unwanted files and delete or move big files. Make sure your phone has always 2-3 Gb free space while playing the game because while playing the game there is read and write process is going on in the background.

9. Update Free Fire Config File to Fix Lag

You can download the latest update of config file of Free Fire lag Fix

Download Config

How to Update the Free Fire Config File

Note –

  • After you have done this process make sure that Restart your device once
  • Then open the Free Fire apk.


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