Ashneer Grover Meme App To reduce Screen Time – Developed by Hardik Srivastava

Hardik Srivastava – By profession, he is an app developer and currently works with Tech Burner. But he is also known for the many applications that he develops. And recently he develops another App on Ashneer Grover Meme App. On a famous his line “Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu? ” To reduce screen time on your phone.

You can also get this application on GitHub under the user handle name Oddlyspaced. This Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu app is developed with Kotlin, let’s discuss how to install this application and its uses.



Why you should use the Ashneer Grover meme App? – Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu App

Basically, this app helps you to reduce screen time on your phone. Now many of you have questions how – how this app can help us to reduce screen time.

Download App

  • After the installation, you have to set up the app
  • Open the app select the app you want to restrict yourself not to use.
  • Suppose I selected Instagram
  •  After this, if you open the Instagram
  • You will get a Message on full-screen Ashneer Grover On a famous line “Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu? 

Follow this step if you do not get the option How to give access to the app then Go to Setting — Accessibility — installed services — Click on Dogalapan — Turn on

Benefits of Ashneer Grover Meme App or Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu App

As you know Ashneer Grover is the Founder & Managing Director of Bharat Pe, he is currently judging at Shark Tank India (A reality show inspired by an American television reality show). Due to this Shark tank show, he is quite famous in the young generation of India.

Due to this Young generation wants to be like Ashneer Grover. And the famous line “Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu? ” this line helps young people to get motivated to less use their smartphones and be productive like Hardik Srivastava Who developed this app.

Storytime (To Hardik Srivastava)

I think he doesn’t remember me. But I know him since 2019 when he makes an application to the Notch pie Battery Indicator app. And that time I made a video on my channel and it got viral. A few months ago we talked in the clubhouse where I got a chance by luck to share my youtube journey and that time Hardik Bhaiya recognized me and said can you share your youtube channel name. After that, he told me that I commented on that video for the Notch pie battery indicator app that was developed by me, and can you give an original link in your description, I did that. Now I get Another super cool app by him.

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