Top 10 Gaming YouTube Channels In India 2020


 Top 10 Indian Gaming YouTubers of 2020

YouTube is the most viewed and used app in India. Youtube provides various platforms for vlogging different types of entertainment from the intense boxing match to gaming videos. There is a diverse option for entertainment. 
Gaming is presently changing into a full-fledged profession in India too. There are numerous people out there who are working best to keep the club in the gaming world. With gaming acquiring unique platforms and techs, YouTube is not left behind either. Now, multiple people run gameplay videos and make a fortune out of it for themselves. Here we will be seeing the Top Indian YouTubers of gaming and their Channel 2020.
dynamo gaming logo



About the gamers:-
  • This channel is operated by Aadi Sawant who resides in Pune, Maharashtra. 
  • He plays PUBG Mobile since 2016, but he gained fame while playing with casual players, not with the pros.
  • He simply plays pubg mobile and just desires to earn money. 
  • He doesn’t play Indian and international gaming tournament and not making the Indian gaming community be talked on an international level.
  • He has 6 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Jul 21, 2010
  • He has 415,323,187 views on his videos.


soul gaming logo


SOUL MORTAL is the top pubg mobile player and streamer. 
About the Gamer:-
  • Naman Mathur also is known as Soul Mortal is 22-year-old Indian graduate who chose to play pubg mobile from the year 2018.  
  • Initially, he was a mini-militia play who used to run on his YouTube channel.
  • Mortal used to play PS1, PS2 and mini-games like Contra, Mario, Dangerous Dave, GTA San Andreas, Counterstrike etc.
  • He is the inspiration of many YouTubers and beginners.
  • He is additionally the winner of All India Pubg series Final with his squad Soul Aman, Soul Viper and Soul Owais. They received the prize of 30 lakh following winning this series. He is the most significant inspiration for all the beginners who desire their career as a gamer.
  • He has 3.66 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Sep 23, 2013
  • He has 325,284,130 views on his videos.


carryislive logo


One of the top Indian gamer, as well as Youtuber of India, is “Carryminati”. 
About the Gamer:-
  • His original name is Ajey Nagar.
  • He resides in Faridabad. 
  • His age is just 19, Aside from his age he made a lot of fame, respect and money at merely 19. 
  • His love for games is much distinguished that in 8th standard, he used to grind call of duty 12 hours a day.
  • He plays games simply for fun and for his viewers. 
  • He doesn’t like the pubg mobile game at all but just on his viewers enjoin he used to play pubg. 
  • But unlike other YouTubers, he plays various other games like Apex, Days gone, God of war, Assassin Creed and many more.
  • He has 3.28 million subscribers. 
  • He joined youtube on Jan 8, 2017
  • He has 323,421,892 views on his videos.


kronten gaming youtube


About the gamer:-
  • This channel operated by Chetan chandgude who lives in Pune Maharashtra. 
  • He is a popular live Indian gamer on Youtube with over 1.3 million subscribers he streams the game pubg mobile on his channel two times (morning and evening) every day. 
  • He has his individual gaming clan called GodL clan.
  • He has 1.72 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Feb 26, 2018
  • He has 181,686,678 views on his videos.


alpha clasher logo



About the gamer:-
  • His real name is Prateek and he is from Mumbai
  • His age is 19.
  • He began his gaming career in 2015 and at that time he is playing a game identified as clash royal. 
  • He has a good youtube audience of that time of 10,000. 
  • Then he enters hydra clan of the dynamo and begin streaming pubg mobile on his emulator and become famous.
  • He has 1.09 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Aug 19, 2015
  • He has 139,451,518 views on his videos.



Gareeboo youtube

6: Gareeboo

About the gamer:-
  • His original name is Kunal saraf and he is from Kolkata. 
  • His gaming skill is simply wow, his sarcastic tone is marvellous too.
  •  He moved from his hometown Kolkata to Mumbai plainly for streaming and deliver his best in streaming live pubg mobile.
  • The motive following shifting is that as for all gamers ping performs an essential role. In Kolkata, he encounters sound obstacle so he moved to Mumbai distant from his family. 
  • This made me give him respect. His all-time squad (Potato, Starscream Yt, Godl beast).
  • He has 1.06 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Jun 19, 2018
  • He has 93,153,449 views on his videos.


the rawknee games


About the gamer:-
  • His real name is Rony Dasgupta. 
  • He began his career in 2010 when he was merely 16. 
  • He has his main channel entitled “The Rawknee show” in which he is recognised for his roasting videos. 
  • Many described him as second Carryminati.
  • He commenced playing pubg mobile on his other YouTube channel identified as “The Rawknee Games”. 
  • He is additionally recognised for his commentary in all India pubg mobile contest.
  • He has 1.5 million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Apr 4, 2017
  • He has 192,381,931 views on his videos.

soul owais logo


About the gamer:-
  • The name of soul Mortal who is the winner of PUBG MOBILE INDIA SERIES is Mohammed Owais Lakhani. 
  • His winner soul team comprises soul Viper, soul Rounak and soul Owais.
  • He is also recognised as an octopus because he plays pubg mobile with 8 claws.
  • He has 338k subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Mar 17, 2015
  • He has 29,832,660 views on his videos.


rakazone gaming logo


About the gamer:-
  • His real name is Rishab karanwal. 
  • He awarded as streamer of the year in 2018. 
  • He is one of the streamers who play a diversity of games as other streamers just concentrate on one game such as pubg mobile, he plays multiple games like GTA, Cs-Go, Ashes cricket, WWE, Tekken and several other games. 
  • He has a big series of games that it doesn’t appear that he is playing to improve his sub count but he is there to give an added variation of games to his viewers.
  • He has 272k subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Jan 14, 2016
  • He has 39,315,817 views on his videos.


About the gamer:-
  • One of the most known names in the gaming industry
  • Gunshot’s real name is Harnit Khatri, resides in Canada. 
  • He offers India on a national level while participating in the MLG World Finals.
  • India requires talented gamers, those who can play a diversity of games and represent the Indian gaming community worldwide and not playing an only teenage necessitated game like pubg mobile to grow their sub count.
  • He has 265k million subscribers.
  • He joined youtube on Sep 1, 2017
  • He has 23,685,747 views on his videos.

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