Which are the Best game controllers for players?

As we know this generation has become all of playing video games. Now no one goes out and play or spends their time with their friends. Almost all the teenagers are into the video game stuff making themselves their better version day by day. Winning every game has become their goal.
And to win those video games we need to have the best game controllers so, therefore, we present you the best game controllers a player can buy according to his/her preferences to WIN every game they play!!

Best Gaming Controllers for PC and Xbox

Scuf Prestige

Scuf Prestige-Gaming Controllers for pc

The precise information regarding PC gamepads is that they’re customarily cooperative with the Xbox One, including the Scuf Prestige.
About The Scuf Prestige 
-It is a well-built controller
-It is including a matte black polish exterior and grippy underneath. 
-It appears like a premium gaming accessory.
SCUF Prestige features:
  • The effectual lithium-ion battery that accommodates up to 30 ampere-hours of playtime on a complete charge.
  • Detachable faceplate for smooth controller customization and thumbstick configuration.
  • Mass of just 262 grams, presenting it amongst the lightest high-performance controllers on the demand.
  • High-grade, rubberized handle, presenting fantastic original non-slip support.
  • Programmed hair-trigger fine-tuning and redesigned quick-shift trigger halt system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, assuring wireless congeniality with Xbox One, PC, and Mobile.
It also has paddles, the four paddles which can be outlined to 14 separate controller purposes the paddles have hair-like triggers that hold directly under the fingers consequently one need not change the grip to use them.
Scuf cost $160


Best Gaming Controller for PS4

Astro Gaming C40 TR

WIRED Recommends, 8/10

Astro Gaming C40 TR-Best Gaming Controllers for PS4

About Astro Gaming C40 TR
-Astro’s C40 TR is an added premium gamepad with switches on the bottom.
-This is customarily created for the PlayStation 4. 
-The player can protrude off the faceplate and shift the positions of the two joysticks and the D-pad and also substitute the joysticks with more distant ones for more accurate control. 
-It has paddles and fibre triggers to set too.
-Astro’s customization software can be utilised to generate separate profiles within the controller.
Features of Astro Gaming C40 TR
Modular Design
-It enables the D-pads, analogue sticks, and button interfaces on this design to be interchanged in a completely modular form permitting one to choose among various controller designs.
-One can likewise change the mic output.

Build & Design
-The C40 TR covers approximately 6.6 x 4.2 x 2-inches, presenting it sized likewise to a PlayStation 4 controller. 
-The black and red aesthetic finishes present off a high-end, expert vibe.
-It’s instantly obvious the C40 TR Controller was created to withstand uncompromising performance. 
-It is for players who favour surprisingly big or very small controllers.
-If seen from the front, this controller provides the idea that there is no attached grip but if spun round to reverse, there is a course of rubberized and textured covers. 

Control Layout Options
-The design of the controller seems moderately normal a D-pad located for the left thumb, a set of bumpers, an analogue stick etc and it has also got a touchpad in the prime middle part of the controller, holding between the D-pad and the right thumb’s controller switches.
-It can be applied to create unique and different switch arrangements, similar to a game controller with various D-Pads, it’s additionally competent of following the design of fundamentally any regular console game controller.
-For the focused interface, the C40 TR Controller incorporates two analogue stick modules, a D-Pad module, and a D-Pad Plus module. 

Wireless & Wired Connections
-It also incorporates a wireless USB transmitter and 6-foot USB cable.
-It’s their individual unique 2.4GHz USB adapter, that is efficient for enabling the controller to compose lightning-fast connections with the gaming devices. 
-Precisely, it’s something that facilitates communication latency lower than 5ms.

Battery Lifespan
-The CR40 TR can produce around 12 hours of battery life, where many controllers can provide as many as 20.

Gaming Features
-The additional thumbstick caps actually depends on the varieties of games one operates. 
-If it is about shooters then the elongated sticks can assist provide the controller accuracy that corresponds well with a PC mouse. 
-The additional triggers can be reprogramed. Application is that one can manage it completely without the application of PC software.
-The modularity of every division of the controller provides the C40 TR to efficiently follow any controller design, or also enable to create own controller design. 
Its only drawback is that it is expensive and can not adapt the PS4 console on.
Best Buy for $200

Best Gaming Controller for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller-Best Gaming Controllers for Nintendo Switch

About the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
-First-party controllers are usually pretty good. 
-They are normally stable, respond prominently.
-Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is nearly a classic controller it might surpass all category if one uses it as smoothly with PC, Xbox, and PS4 as including the Switch.
Features of Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
-The Switch modification maintains the primary design and data layout, save for the case that the front switches and right-hand analogue stick have interchanged places making the pad appear extra similar to the Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller.
-The front switches are more spacious than those on the Wii U Pro Controller, presenting them more comfortable to operate.
-while the collar switches have been redesigned, with ZL and ZR now highlighting a “lip” which presents them more comfortable to halt the index fingers on. 
-Battery life is unquestionably remarkable.
Amazon for $63

Best Gaming Controller for Retro Play

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

8Bitdo SN30 PRO-Best Gaming Controller for Retro Play


It’s not a SNES-style controller with joysticks, support for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. 
It does not Function as a PS4 controller, with the sticks at the behind, flanked by switches and a directional pad. While it is on the control, it appears pretty distinctive. 
Features of 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller
-It does support the Android, macOS, Windows, Steam.
-In the controller, there is also a clip which enables to pin the controller over the smartphone if that way was preferred. 
-The interior rechargeable battery allows about 16 hours of usage of a particular 2-hour charge
-The system has a USB Type-C port as well as a cable so it’s future-proof for the following several years.
Amazon for $50


Best Gaming Controller Accessible Controller

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller-Best Gaming Controller Accessible Controller



About Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller
The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a smooth device it is created to administer a broad diversity of possibilities for gamers who may not be suitable to conveniently use a regular gamepad, therefore, the Adaptive Controller actually reconstructs everything including the data in a gamepad but puts them out in a process so anyone can build a controller design that operates on them. The Adaptive Controller is basically just the field station. It’s congenial with plenty of buttons, switches, and footswitches which plugin the adaptive controller to design his own PlayStation.
What does it look like?
-It appears in white and is approximately the area of a small keyboard, measuring 92mm (L) x 130mm (W) x 23mm (H). 
-There are two huge black switches in the middle and one comprising the A button and another comprising B button. 
-There are next, some smaller switches to the port of these are the Xbox button, view button, menu button and a shift button, alongside a D-pad. 
-There are 19 3.5mm anchorages and two USB 2.0 anchorages for outside inputs, adjacent one 3.5mm hi-fi headset device for audio.
-With switches like The D-pad, Xbox button, menu button and view button and excluding them, the primary Xbox controller has 10 buttons including the couple analogue sticks. 
Microsoft for $100

Best Gaming Controller for Fighting Games

Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai

Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai-Best gaming controller for Fighting Games


About Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai
-They’re exceptionally quick, active, and facilitate the sort of fast-twitch performance needed to take a leg up on the fight.
The layout and quality 
-Hori RAP4 has a moderate size but a little shorter than the MadCatz TE2 fightstick. It covers approximately 17 inches beyond which delivers it to seem quite broad. It recalls an old-fashioned arcade-style machine.
-Due to its wide pattern circumstance, the switches and joystick don’t bring up the complete measurement of the stick. This indicates that the covering domain of the stick is more substantial than another, more standard fight sticks.
-The stick’s views are more extensive than the bottom presenting it seems as though there are designations on the surface. 
-The RAP 4 isn’t specifically thin but it isn’t bulky either, it weighs approximately 5 pounds.
  • Hayabusa lever and pushbuttons pass arcade-quality quality and appearance
  • Moderate cost contrasted to different arcade stick patterns
  • The design is Mod-friendly 
  • Competition form switch to limit incidental “+” button presses.
  • No headset assistance
Amazon for $150


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