Get Best Android 11 features on any Android Phone in 2020

Android 11 is a stable version of the open software platform which has officially released by Google on September 7, 2020. It is a much-apprehended update with great outlines.

The top Android 11 Features are one spot conversation, Bubbles, easy access to connect devices, permission auto-reset of unused apps, handy switch from headphones to speakers/TV, etc.

Android 11 features cannot be accessed by all Android devices. It is compatible with Google Pixel 2/2XL, Google Pixel 3/3XL, Google Pixel 3a/3aXL, Google Pixel 4a, Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 pros.

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How to get exciting Android 11 features on your Android device?

Let us know how to get these excitingΒ  Android 11 features on your android devices no matter which company it belongs to. Yes, it is possible to enjoy Android 11 features on your own devices too with the help of the following applications.

1.Media Player

Power Shade App

Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings

App Name Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings
Category Personalization
Rating 4.3⭐
Size 3.7 MB
Installs 1M+
Developer Treydev Inc.

Download Now πŸ‘‡

Power shade is the most advanced notification bar changer and manager. It has tons of customization alternatives. This app completely replaces your notification and quick setting panel to Android 11’s quick setting panel along with the media control. Let us check out some user-friendly features of this app. You can change the app settings according to your preferences.

Power Shade app

Power Shade: Notification Panel; Quick Settings

You need not have the status bar notification tone like other people’s. You can change the background shade of the notification bar as well as icons in the status bar. In this app, you can apply the color of your choice to the brightness regulator. It has the option to change the shape of mosaic icons and layout of the configuration grid, etc. And has many more features than the pro version.

2.Chat Bubbles

Direct chat app

Direct chat app for WhatsApp​

App Name DirectChat (ChatHeads/Bubbles for All Messengers)
Category Tools
Rating 4⭐
Size 12MB
Installs 1M+
Developer Unique Gem Visions

Download Now πŸ‘‡

Direct Chat allows you to establish chat bubbles for any application. Conversations are one of Android 11’s biggest concern. This app allows you to chat from any of the conversation apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Direct chat App

DirectChat (ChatHeads/Bubbles for All Messengers)

Let us look at some features of this application. Features include Bubble support for all apps, you can recover deleted messages by the others in the chat, you can instantly read and reply to the messages without appearing as online or showing last seen, DND mode, Blacklist apps, blocked users, etc. You also get the extended benefits from the premium version.

3.Notification History

Notification History Log app

notification history app for WhatsApp

App Name Notification History Log
Category Productivity
Rating 4.1⭐
Size 5.5MB
Installs 1M+
Developer ikva eSolutions

Download App πŸ‘‡

Notification History Log lets you keep precise records of all the notifications in your Android device. With the new Android 11, you can check out the dismissed notifications just by clicking on the “Manage Notifications”Β  option below the notifications. It also has the ability to view message content as well. Once you permit this app all the notifications that you receive will be saved in the log with the exact name of the app, time, and description of the notification.

notification history app for WhatsApp

Your notifications are not stored in any of the servers, instead, they get saved in your phone local memory. You can define the size of the notification log you need, you can choose blacklist apps (apps for which you don’t want to retain the notifications), you can just swipe left if you want to delete any of the notifications permanently.

4. Selective DND mode

Daywise app

Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused

App Name Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused
Category Productivity
Rating 3.5⭐
Size 5.4MB
Installs 50K+
Developer synapse Inc

Download NowπŸ‘‡

Are you trying to make your life distraction-free? Then this would be the right application for you! Daywise allows you to schedule all your mobile notifications and pops out at a particular time. Android 11 now brings the selective DND mode and this one best android 11 features, where you can turn off the notifications of selective apps. Get supervision over the interruption is the first step to take great things.

Daywise App

day-wise app

You may be trying to deduct your screen time, but every time you get any notification you wish to check your phone, this app helps you to avoid that. You can decide which of your contacts can receive your attention. This app also categorizes them into Instant and Batched. It is a very good platform for you to learn how much time you have to spend on the phone and how much away from it.

5. Android 11 emojis

App – zFont by Mg Ngoe Lay

zFont app no root

zFont – Custom Font Installer

App Name zFont – Custom Font Installer no root
Category Tools
Rating 3.4⭐
Size 9.2MB
Installs 10M+
Developer Mg Ngoe Lay

Download App πŸ‘‡

Are you looking for exotic fonts as well as emojis? Yeah, you are in the right place to implement android 11 features. The latest version of Android 11 brings new emoji on board, you can get them by downloading zFont app. In this application, you can get from different OEMs as well without rooting your phone. The interface is clear. You can use this software as soon as you install it without wasting time to create a profile and all.

zFont app

zFont – Custom Font Installer no root

If you want to change your Android fonts and emojis and want to add android 11 fonts this application is right for you. Different styles of fonts in numerous colors are not only available in English but also in many other languages like Myanmar, Chinese, etc. Tough, it is not necessary for daily routine. It is just for leisure.


Besides this, you will also get lots of alternatives to these apps, but these apps are tested by me. And the best way to get Android 11 features on any phone and make your phone updated in all features of android 11.”I hope you guys like post and apps list to get android 11 features on your phone.”


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