Inssist Chrome Extension – Best Instagram Chrome Extension For Pc

A small intro to what in this post. Basically, I give you full detail about an Inssist chrome extension, which will help you to upload reels, photos, videos, and stories on Instagram from Pc through the best Instagram chrome extension (Inssist Web client For Instagram).

Sometimes our schedule will be so tight that we could not even get to check out our mobile phones. Most of the time we use our laptops or PC to handle social media accounts. It is obvious to expect all the features of social media available for android phones on PC too.

Use all features of Instagram on PC/Mac. Instagram has become a major role in the contemporary world. These days difficulty is just a word, technology erases it all.

It would be so easy for social media marketers, bloggers, social media influencers, creators, and everybody if they get all the features of Instagram on PC.  Using Instagram on PC is not so hard now.

Inssist Chrome Extension

Inssist chrome extension

Inssist web Client For Instagram is a free and safe Chrome Extension to post your reels, photos, videos, and stories on Instagram from the Desktop/PC. It is a secure way to use Instagram on a web browser.

Inssist is nothing but “Instagram assistant or Chrome Extension”. It brings the Instagram mobile view to your desktop. Inssist is the best way to save your time of transferring the files from desktop to mobile to just to post them.


Why Inssist Chrome extension Is the Best Instagram Chrome Extension?

Its interface so easy to use and I personally use it to uplaod reels, videos, photos, and Stories. Let’s discuss in detail its paid and free features.

inssist features on desktop

Free features of Inssist Web Client For Instagram.

I love these free features of inssist because if you are a normal person you will definitely love it.  Who just want to use as casually Instagram from PC. That’s why I say it best Instagram chrome extension.

 Upload/post photos, videos, IGTV videos, and stories.

  • Inssist allows its users to post photos with the great quality compared to other web browsers.
  • Inssist is the only extension that allows you to post videos, IGTVs, and stories.

 Download posts like reels, videos, photos, stories on Instagram.

  • Inssist allows you to download Instagram stories, photos, videos, reels, and IGTV videos by just clicking on the “Download” button on any post.

Find appropriate hashtags to grow on Instagram.

  • Inssist has a feature that suggests around thirty hashtags according to the caption of your new post. You can add #hashtags with just one click.

Dark mode for Instagram on Pc.

  • Many among us are dark mode lovers. Inssist has made sure not to let down the dark mode feature.  You can use Instagram with dark mode.

Widescreen Instagram support.

  • When you use desktops it looks displeasing if you get a small frame Instagram view on the wide PC screen. To make you comfortable Inssist has adapted wide screen Instagram mode.

Send Message on Instagram from Pc.

  • If this chrome extension doesn’t allow to send a message then it will be waste. Off-Course guys, it allows you to send messages.

(Maybe this pricing will change in the future) Paid features are available for $5 per month. If you want a pro version you can go for it and enjoy pro features right on the plugin. Inssist provides 3 different pro plans.

  1. Monthly – Monthly plan charges a small amount each month and renewed automatically until it is canceled. You can use many accounts with a monthly plan.
  2. Lifetime – This plan is purchased once per account. As long as your Instagram account remains signed in with your email on Inssist you can enjoy pro features until then.
  3. Infinite –  Purchased once for unlimited Instagram accounts.

These plans should not be shared with anybody as they belong to an individual or an institution. If shared Inssist has all rights to cancel pro plans. Inssist does not offer any kind of refunds. Make use of a trial plan before purchasing pro plans and take the right decisions.


Upload Instagram Reels from Pc

  • Yes heard right you can publish reels directly from PC. But you use it if you are purchased any plan. One more thing this is the only way you can upload reels from pc

Multi-account support.

  • Just like the Instagram mobile application, you can add multiple accounts on Inssist and you can switch whenever you wanting one click.

Schedule your posts.

  • Many a time we forget to post something or we will be having less free time. Inssist is built to save time, this feature truly a time saver.
  • Inssist allows you to schedule a bunch of posts with multiple ways like posting calendar, time slots, Facebook cross-posting and more.
  • You can schedule your photos, videos or multi photos (Carousels) with Inssist. Once scheduled, they get posted automatically on time. It is not necessary to keep Inssist open. You can pre-plan your posts in a grid.

See who unfollowed you on Instagram directly from Pc

  • As we know how this particular feature how is important to us. Inssist web client for Instagram chrome extension gives you full detail who followed and unfollowed you.

 Inssist Analytics.

  • This is a unique feature. Inssist scans your account and reports on followers as well as un-followers. This analysis can be downloaded for further information.
  • It analyses the data of any public account and allows you to inspect the time and days on which the media is posted, export their followers and following accounts and also provides the percentage of spam accounts in their followers’ list.

DM chat filters and Ghost mode.

  • DM chat filter allows you to chat and browse the Instagram profiles at a time with split-screen. The text you entered in the message bar but unsent while switching back and forth between chats will be remembered and restored when you enter back.
  • Ghost Mode is a cool feature which every one of us wishes to have. It allows us to read the messages received without seen notification for the sender.

Reposting in one click.

  • You can repost any media to your profile with just a single click. Author of the post will automatically be mentioned in the captain by Inssist.
  • You can even add links to your stories to enhance traffic to the targeted website.

Zen mode is also available. This site is ad-free.

You can Guys can use all pro plan features of Inssit chrome extension for few days. Yeah, Inssit allows you to use all Premium plans for a free few days after that they will ask you to go with their pro plans.

Inssist chrome extension reviews

Inssist Client Reviews

Limitations of Inssist Chrome extension

  • Mentioning people on photos, videos, and stories are not supported.
  • Adding GIFs, location, music, tagging people on stories is not yet available.
  • You can not post reels.
  • You cannot edit highlights.

Is INSSIST Chrome Extension safe?

  • Inssist is safe to use. It is just like using an Instagram app on mobile.
  • Inssist does not share your photos, videos/ any media away from your desktop.
  • Inssist does not share your password with any third-party apps.
  • Inssist does not store your data.
  • If you subscribe to the pro version, your name, email and Instagram username are securely stored(to keep track of your payment). This data will automatically get erased once you delete your Inssist account.

Disclaimer – Inssit chrome extension does not belong to official Instagram. It is unofficial and developed and managed independently. But don’t worry about your data is secured.

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