Top 5 Best Skip tracing websites for Wholesaling Real Estate 2022

How’s it going guys, here I am gonna give you the top five skip tracing websites companies you need to be using in your real estate wholesaling business before we get into. Make sure to read the whole article, I’m here to help you to make your first hundred thousand dollars in real estate wholesaling absolutely for free.


What is Skip Tracing? Lets Breakdown with a Suitable Example

what is Skip tracing

Now really quickly let’s break this down skip tracing in real estate wholesaling before I give you the top five skip tracing companies. let me explain a little bit about the information about skip tracing there’s a huge difference between free skip tracing and paid skip tracing skip is basically us trying to find the phone numbers of our motivated sellers.

let’s say I’m driving around in my car and I see that huge distressed property there’s grass everywhere and the property looks super motivated the roofs are like caving in there’s mould everywhere there and the door looks terrible that seems like a property.

I want to get in contact with the owner it’s probably vacant no one’s living in there the seller probably just wants quick cash and just to get rid of the property. This seems like the perfect property for us to get how do I get in front of the seller?

I don’t have the phone number they don’t live on the property well what we do is we use one of these five skip tracing websites to go out there and find their phone number skip tracing is a detective term to go out there and find the where out of someone like a detective.

These skip tracing websites will help us find their phone numbers and it’s a little bit of a weird privacy thing it’s a little crazy but you can go out there and find basically anyone’s phone number in a matter of seconds.

So there are two types of skip tracing there’s free skip tracing and paid skip tracing

  • free skip tracing is websites that pull information from public records telephone records public utilities voter registration social media and like state licensing agencies

These are going to be the free skip tracing sources that I tell you about today and these are one of the most reliable sources out there and they’re really good for finding a lot of older people

  • where the paid skip tracing if you’re under the age of 60 that’s probably a little better.

And paid skip tracing is basically information that I recommend that you get from credit bureau data. so credit bureau data is basically when you’re getting data from the credit bureau. so let’s say I’m gonna try to apply for a loan to get a house that information they’re going to have to pull my credit I’m gonna put my information.

I’m gonna put my phone number I’m gonna put everything with that private company so they can run my credit that credit bureau guess what they do they sell your data someone like me will go buy it so I can go contact and get your phone numbers top companies that sell this information are places like idi and tlo.

You have to get very very expensive contracts with them to get this information but these paid websites already have the cheapest contracts ready. so you can get the skip tracing for the cheapest possible usually skip tracing.

when you have to pay for it is around 10 to 15 cents and the numbers are going down more and more and more as more information comes out so that is paid skip tracing I recommend paid skip tracing when you have the money to do it.

Because your time is very valuable versus if you don’t have a lot of money and you have a lot of time on your hands to go out there and just punch information through and copy and paste copy and paste in excel for hours probably the free skip tracings.

Top 5 Best skip tracing websites companies in 2022

we’re going to do so there’s a good mix in the top five here and let’s break it down so coming in at number five this is gonna be a paid skip tracing source number five here is lead.

Whitepages – Search, Find, Know | The largest and most trusted Online Directory

Whitepages the best skip tracing websites

best skip tracing websites Number five here is a free service this is a free skip tracing service that is just one of the ogs its white pages spoke these websites are absolutely amazing. it is absolutely insane the amount of free skip tracing public information you can get from these websites.

white pages will literally give you someone’s age, the address that they live in and a lot of other really personal information, that you can just get online absolutely for free.

Now white pages will try to funnel you to pay for services with like insane background checks and you’re probably not going to get that.

But white pages are really good for a base level where it’ll give you someone’s phone number you’ll have to go out there and do some little more digging on some of these free websites white pages are really good verified it’s good remember been verified.

You got to be a little careful because if you go in there they’re going to want you to pay for the upgraded packages and do all the little spammy stuff just use the free one don’t click any crazy links and don’t do it you should be fine on there but.

You’ll find someone’s phone number and information and it’s really easy to get someone’s phone number with these websites like white pages spokeo and Spokeo Spokeo and are really good love those websites.

listrei PropStream Investment Software

listrei PropStream Investment Software

listrei PropStream Investment Software Number four here is a page service. Not the best one but again this is my top three which basically be list

Aka prop stream is a real estate wholesaling software it does a lot of everything you have to actually have a prop stream to actually pull the skip tracing on there and the skip tracing is really good they use credit bureau data. it’s a little more expensive than my favourite ones out there but still, it is absolutely amazing.

it’s one of the best ones out there I don’t use prop stream for my skip tracing but everyone knows I use listrei for my list pulling and it’s absolutely one of the best drawings for dollars apps out there and really it’s the best bang for your buck in real estate wholesaling.

so is a really good skip tracing service and it’s definitely top two for paid ones number two is my favourite paid skip tracing service.

Batch Leads (Best Paid Skip Tracing Website)

batchleads best paid skip tracing website

batch leads best-paid skip tracing website

But number two here is the top paid to skip tracing service will be aka batchleads (best real estate leads generation & wholesaling software)the reason why I use or is that those are links where you actually get discounts for all these services you can get free trials to all of them.

That’s why I have my own domain so it helps you guys out and so you can actually get the best rates for this information so you don’t have to pay the full price for it and obviously,

you don’t have to ever use any of these links. use whatever one you want this is just in my opinion, the stuff that I’ve used to run a seven-figure wholesaling operation and net profits in my SMS and cold calling operations so or batch leads view.

batch leads are one of my favourite ones out there batch leads are what I use right now for my SMS text blasting and my cold calling information obviously you guys know if batchely’s decides not to be the best skip tracing for me.

I’ll stop using it and I’ll go tell you to use another service that I’m using the best-paid skip tracing you can have to remember. i skip trace tens of thousands of numbers at a time and I do a lot of data but we’ve made millions and millions of dollars in assignment fees.

And wholesaling real estate profits especially from flips and things from finding motivated sellers using batch leads if you actually need time and you don’t have hours and hours and hours to use like a white page to get the information batteries is what you should get when I get a huge high equity list of 10 to 20000 I’m going all the batch leads.

I’m skip tracing it the information from paid skip tracing like a batch leads versus a white pages is a lot better you get relatives’ information which if you’re using pre-probates from is the only way to do it so like a pro like a pre-probate.

Where the person’s actually passed away and their and is going off of public records of death to go find them and where you got to find the information obviously skip tracing for the dead person is not going to do well and you can’t find the relative’s information.

But if you use batchleads and skip trace that pre-probate lead you’ll actually get a ton of phone numbers so a free service you’ll get one to two phone numbers a paid service you’ll get three phone numbers that could be used for that lead and then you also get two to three relatives information the aunts’ uncles brother sister son that you can go used for the pre-probates.

Also paid skip tracing you actually get emails on there so if you’re into email marketing it’s a really good quick hack if you use for cash sales and you use batch leads to actually skip trace that information you can actually pull all of the emails.

So you can actually get free emails for all the cash buyers and email blast them on your cash buyers list and it’s really cool to do I use that for a lot of niche stuff like vacant lists for my email blasting. when it comes to finding cash buyers quick little hack.

So what is number one before we get into number one i want to give you an honourable mention when it comes to skip tracing is about finding a motivated seller’s whereabouts it’s not a hundred per cent about finding someone’s phone number.

so if I’m skip tracing a vacant land list obviously I’ll be okay getting an email and then email blasting. That lists right you don’t have to find someone’s phone number to get in contact with them if that makes sense the honourable mention

FaceBook (Best Free Skip Tracing website)

Facebook best free skip tracing website

Facebook best free skip tracing website

I give you today is using Facebook as your tool for finding your motivated seller.

what do i mean by this if you can’t find someone’s phone number or lead on let’s say a fire damage property list other wholesalers in your area probably can’t get that information too and that is awesome for you that means no one can get in contact with this lead.

That means if you can figure out a way to get in contact with this lead you will probably be the only wholesaler in your area to actually get this deal and there’s no competition or no saturation for that lead so if you’re in a huge saturated market this could be huge for you like I’m in port st Lucie Florida.

where there are so many wholesalers going after one deal and if I have a lead that no one can get the phone number. what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to Facebook I’m going to go usually on my profile or my acquisition manager’s profile.

what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to search that led john smith or something like that in port st Lucie Florida.

We’re going to search for them and we’re going to find them because most people are on Facebook in the united states of America.

Right now especially if you’re over the age of 40 or 50 you’re most likely on Facebook and the cool part about Facebook is a little weird but you can message people randomly the number of people.

That will actually read their messages on Facebook is extremely high. So if you randomly message a seller something like hey this is Raj i actually had a really quick question for you about your house in port st, Lucie can you please give me a call and you can message someone pretty discreetly on Facebook so it’s really easy and comfortable for them.

That is huge that was one of the best ones out there and it is awesome the one tip I can give you if you’re going to message someone on Facebook, especially a seller creating a business Facebook where you can use networking with other.

wholesalers out there if you want to join the wholesaling houses for your free Facebook group and mastermind you can go in there with a business profile explain who you are and what you do have a professional have like a collared shirt or like a dress or something like that

It makes you look professional and put a description in that business facebook what you do maybe a couple of posts about what you do you know you buy houses for cash and really use that versus if you have a personal one with your hat backwards.

You’re shirtless at the beach it’s probably not going to come across as well as a first impression as if you did business facebook you could still have your personal Facebook with all your friends but remember having the business one could help you there, especially with networking things like that. (Best Skip Tracing Website)

And your network is your net worth so this comes to number one you guys have waited and this is going to be the original og skip tracing site that I used starting out when I was broke as a joke in wholesaling real estate and it helped me with my cold calling.

This is is the og greatest skip tracing websites pound for pound is now the paid skip tracing services are the best out there for like the best quality data overall. 60 to 70 of the time you’re gonna find someone’s phone number and guess how much it cost only zero dollars that’s right true and it’s Free.

what is better than free is a little time-intensive to do you’re gonna have to manually put in someone’s information their city search

it’ll pop up it’ll take you hours and hours and hours and hours to do like ten thousand but if you only have like 50 to 100 leads.

Also, read this article on education websites Top 7 Free Educational Websites For Students in India


Those are my top five skip tracing websites plus some honourable mentions to help you in your real estate hosting business find motivated sellers’ phone numbers so you can go out there and contact them get a contract to assign that contract and boom.

Get a nice pretty check of 10 20 30 40 50 60 100 I have that’s actually happened before I’ve done a hundred thousand dollar wholesales before and you can change your life in real estate wholesaling I hope you got some value out of this article.

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