Top 7 Free Educational Websites For Students in India

This is an article to help all the students out there to ace the online examinations. Most of the students face the problem of solving maths questions and making pdf, slides, and many more. So I am sharing some useful educational websites in India (definitely for Indian students). Due to this pandemic, all of us are compelled to attend online classes as well as to write online exams.

top free educational websites in india

Educational websites list

Let us keep all the negative effects of covid aside and look at the brightest side. Every student gets an opportunity to score well as the exams are online. Indeed, online classes are not so effective compared to offline classes. But we must go with the flow.

Most of us Google the questions and write the answers in exams. But sometimes the signs or symbols in mathematics are difficult to copy-paste in Google. Here are a few useful websites to help you get a pretty good score in online exams.

In this list of educational websites, most of starting four websites for mathematic students, and the rest of them are very useful for any. I now am an adult and I think that in this list of educational websites is not only for students these can be used by anyone like for teachers, kids, college students.


7 Best Free Educational Websites For Students

  1. Mathway
  2. WolframAlpha
  3. Symbolab
  4. Cheatography
  5. P-table
  6. Slides Carnival
  7. Pre-post Seo

Let us go briefly about the above-mentioned websites. These websites will help you throughout the process of your examination.


Mathway | Algebra Problem Solver

Mathway algebra education website

Mathway algebra website

Mathway is a free maths problem-solving site. It helps you to provide step-by-step solutions to the questions of almost all concepts of mathematics including calculus, trigonometry, algebra, basic maths, etc.

On the internet, there are few websites related to mathematics. I suggest you bookmark this website.

I think the Mathway website doing great for students to make an effective professional learning community. This website is one of the most popular ones in educational websites list on globaly.

  • Go to the website
  • You can type or paste your problem in the given search bar (enter a problem).
  • If the question cannot be copied you can also upload pictures of the particular problem.
  • On the top left-hand side, you have an option to choose the concept to which the question belongs.
  • Once you enter the problem you will be asked to choose how the answer should be.
  • Step by step solutions is now available to write or study.



wolframalpha mathematic website

wolframalpha mathematic website

WolframAlpha is another answer engine that helps to get not only the answers to maths problems but also to the queries of Physics, Chemistry, etc.

Basically, I used this website for math question solutions. This website provides you whole solution step by step, if you are living rural area and want to solve maths question without any help then this website will help to get the answer.

  • Go to the website
  • You get to see the search bar ( Enter what you want to calculate or to know about). There you just copy-paste your problem or question.
  • You can see various topics or subjects below the search bar. You can go there even to search for an answer for a particular subject.
  • You will have a detailed solution to your problem.
  • Pro plans are available.


Symbolab Math Solver – Step by Step calculator



Symbolab is another website where you can find answers to your maths problems easily by just pasting your questions including all concepts of maths like derivatives, limits, vectors, calculus, and much more.

This website has some more advanced features like all the basic symbols we use in mathematics are available on top of something that looks like a keyboard format. You guys know that mathematics symbols we cannot type by a keyboard. One of the best educational websites for adults who are in college and also for professors too.

  • Visit Symbolab
  • Search your problem.
  • On this website, you will get a more detailed step-by-step solution.
  • In-app purchases are available. You will get many more additional steps.
  • Completely free and user-friendly.



cheatography cheat website

cheatography cheat website

Cheatography is not a maths problem solver site. It is a special one. It has thousands of cheat sheets of various subjects or languages.

Let me quickly say what is a cheat sheet?

It is nothing but concise notes used for reference. To be precise, short notes that can remind you of a whole chapter at a glance.

  • Cheat Sheets of programming languages, software, Business, and marketing, home and health, education, games, and hobbies.
  • On this site, you will be able to find cheat sheets of your field effortlessly.
  • All cheat sheets are completely free of cost. Why not spend two minutes on this site? Try today.
  • Cheat Sheets will help you to rewind the topics in a short period of time.

Periodic Table – Ptable

Ptable is of the best websité you can visit on the internet but I think that this website is the best educational websites for teachers in some cases. But if you are a kid then this website is very useful for you guys and teachers can use this website to teach through the projector.

Teachers can use this website to teach the periodic table in advanced level to students

Best educational website: Periodic table (Ptable) for student 

let’s check it out –

  • You can download the image of the whole Periodic table from this website Download here
  • You can also print and download the pdf of it Download here


SlidesCarnival: Best Free PPT Templates and Google Slides Theme

slides carnival free ppt slides maker website

slides carnival free ppt slides maker website

Slides Carnival This is one my of favorite educational websites on my list. Because in this pandemic time I use this website a lot to make pdf, ppt, slides, and google slides theme to submit my assignments on time. I can know your problem to make beautiful and eye-catching pdf, ppt, and slides.

Through this website, you can make free online ppt and slides with easy-to-use templates. Through can make stunning assignments on time and score good marks. I hope you guys will like this.

The specialty of this Educational website: Slides Carnival –

  •  Free PowerPoint Templates that you can use it.
  • Educational PowerPoint templates
  • Free Google Slides themes, etc.


Pre Post SEO: Article Rewriter, Text Summarizer, Image to Text Converter

Prepostseo article rewriter, image to text website

Prepostseo article rewriter, image to text

In this educational websites list, this website will make your work easier.  Now How this website pre-post SEO will make your work easier?

Let’s check it out-

  • You can rewrite any article for your college or schoolwork.

For example:-  Everyone is copying from the internet if a teacher will give the same topic to everyone then through this tool you can rewrite the whole passage or article and make it unique and score good marks.

Check out from here – Pre-post Seo Article Rewriter

  • Sometimes you guys face issues when a long paragraph is to write but want to shorten it then you use Text summarizer to do it.

Check out from here – Text summarizer

  • I face this problem many times in these online studies that sometimes teachers share the note in image format and if you to convert it into text then do this

Check out it from here – Image to Text Converter

Some More

Top 10 Educational Websites For Students

Fun Brain Visit here
National Geography Kids Visit here
Khan Academy Visit here
Math PlayGround Visit here
Star Fall Visit here
Nick Junior Visit Here
Read Write Think Visit Here
Sesame Street Visit here
Scholastic Visit here
These are not on the main list But I think that I should share it with you.

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These are a few of the best websites to score well in your online examinations. I used these and witnessed very good results. Hope these will help you guys too. These sites are completely free and user-friendly. Go give them a try and save your time to find the answers during your study hours or your exam hours.


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