What is Wifi Calling/Vowifi-Jio and Airtel Voice Over Wifi Calling in India


 Jio and Airtel Voice Over Wifi Calling in India 

We are all aware of the new service which is WIFI CALLING, by all the networks. In this article, we will be telling you everything about this new feature.

What exactly is WIFI CALLING?

Wi-Fi Calling is a technology that permits a smartphone user to produce and take calls over a wireless internet connection as opposed to the standard cellular connection. Simply the sender of a call requires a smartphone that supports Wi-Fi Calling and the receiver can be on a wireless, cellular, or landline connection. The Wi-Fi calling is free. One doesn’t have to spend money on taking Jio or Airtel plans or anything further to receive it.
The leading mobile operator to propose Voice over WiFi in India was Bharti Airtel it has accumulated more than one million users concerning its WiFi calling.
Randeep Sekhon the Chief Technology Officer at Bharti Airtel stated that “The technology has truly transformed the indoor network quality for Airtel mobile customers, particularly in high population density areas in urban markets,”. 
If one is using Jio or Airtel prepaid or postpaid connection, then they can instantly utilise the Wi-Fi Calling feature to make calls. Good news, It’s free to utilise, and it can be in incredibly beneficial in two things: one, save mobile data when one is making audio or video calls utilising VoLTE. And two, make clear and abrupt calls without call trips even if there is weak mobile network connectivity at home or office.
This innovation from Jio comes immediately after Airtel moved out WiFi calling for its users. There is a significant contrast between the Airtel’s WiFi calling feature and Jio’s WiFi calling feature which the number of supported devices.
Though both Jio and Airtel proceed to combine more phones in the list of devices that support Wi-Fi Calling, currently Airtel holds it on around tens of phones from four phone makers like Apple and OnePlus etc. Jio currently holds Wi-Fi Calling on about 150 smartphones. 

How to allow Jio WiFi calling on the phone?

To use this innovative feature contributed by Jio, one requires to allow WiFi calling/VoWiFi on the phone. Concerning this, one is required to be connected to a WiFi network. Following this move to the Settings menu on the phone and choose the WiFi calling or WiFi calls alternative.

Things to keep in mind:-

  1. If one’s phone does not approve this feature, and if it is a brand-new phone, don’t trouble yourself too much. Possibilities are that support will be attached soon. But if the phone is old, like for a year or more, or if it is from a comparatively unknown brand then chances are that Wi-Fi calling may not be supported on the phone.
  2. The STD calls on Wi-Fi calling will be operating to be free, simply similar to normal calls. Although ISD calls will be priced at the same rate that Jio or Airtel charge for them if they are created using VoLTE or regular networks, even if the calls are performed utilising Wi-Fi.
Those who want to know this information through video you can this video as well:

How to enable Wifi calling on your Phone


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