3 Best Free Ways To Transcribe YouTube Video to Text converter

Again I came up with a new exciting topic that is how to convert your YouTube video to text converter. In this article, we will get all the information to transcribe your youtube video audio into a text file.

There are lots of ways to convert the audio file into a text format. But most of you guys want your YouTube video to be converted into a text format. But there is a cache that there are two types of people

  • one of them wants to convert existing youtube videos into text for articles.
  • And 2nd one wants to add closed caption/ subtitles to their video

But both the problem can be solved with the same method like if a first-person wants to convert an existing YouTube video to text for generating a unique article for their website. I know I have not to say that in this but you guys know I always provide you unique content every time.

Something like that the second person wants to add a transcribe into their video like if a person wants to add text in their video like CC closed caption you can also use the same method to do it. But in this article, we did not discuss transcribing youtube videos into text for your youtube video.

Transcribe YouTube Video to Text converter

3 Best Free Ways To Transcribe YouTube Video to Text converter


How to Convert YouTube Video into Text in 2022

There are lots of tools/methods that you can use to convert your speech into text. But there are lots of ways as we discussed in the above section of the article.

Through that, I can say you that we are not discussing how to transcribe all the content of the video in text format. we are simply discussing how to convert YouTube video into a text format to generate a unique article for your website.

I will not cover all the methods to do this to convert your YouTube video into a text or a converter YouTube video into a text but I generally give you are perfect 100% working method to do this.

  • Use the automatic captioning Tool From YouTube

  • Use Google Docs to Transcribe YouTube Video audio to text

  • How to use outside AUTOMATIC TRANSCRIPTION Tools.

As I mentioned three methods to do the YouTube video to text converter but today we are discussing the First and third methods.

[100% Working Method] YouTube Video to Text converter

GGLOTHow To Transcribe & Translate Your Video Using Gglot

Gglot quickly transcribes and translates video/audio to text in over 50 languages ​​at an affordable price, including Korean, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Japanese. It accepts a wide range of audio and video files including .avi, .mp3, .mov, .mp4, .wma, .m4a, .wav, mp4 and .aac.

How To Transcribe & Translate Your Video Using Gglot


Do you want to get more attention for your videos on Youtube, podcasts, Facebook, and other social networks?
The answer can be as simple as transcribing your videos to text.

With an extra effort (or more accurately, spending a few extra minutes), you can improve your search rankings, increase your online presence, and reach a wider audience. In short, if you include more text, Google and other search engines will have more data to help them crawl and index your site better.

You can also use MP4 for text transcription and convert it into a blog post which will help you add even more text to
help search engines.


To convert YouTube video into a text format or doc format through an outside tool or third party website to transcribe any youtube video into a text file.

Completly Free Methode With some Other Languages Follow the steps and get what you want

Basically, this is a trick through which you can generate unlimited articles I only share with you this for educational purposes and you can also generate unique articles with youtube videos.

But you guys can also use this method for other works. Let’s discuss some use cases of this –

  • Generate unique Articles for your website
  • Get unique essays or articles for your school projects.
  • After video upload, you can add transcribe of the video too.

Step 1 – First you have to select the youtube video you want to convert into text.

Step 2 – Now Paste the youtube video link in these websites –

YouTube Video to Text converter

YouTube Video to Text converter

Note – You can use any of these websites

Step 3 – Click on the download button then it will show you lots of options like download thumbnail, audio, text, video, etc

Step 4 – But you have to download the text file.

Note – If you want to get the same auto-generated text into other languages you can also do it. You will get the option too.

I hope you guys will love this method to convert your YouTube video into a text format and you can also get unlimited access to it without paying any cost.

Also, read my previous article on Top 7 educational websites through that you can also know about cool and knowledgeable things from these websites.

Conclusion – I don’t think this method you will get on the internet but I am not 100% sure that you will not get it on the internet maybe I am wrong.

Basically, I just want to share with you always different tricks and tips to make you guys different from others. There are lots of ways to convert video audio into text but this method is the easiest one.

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