Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels In India 2020


All about Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2020

2019 was a year where numerous things took place in India, From investing in startups to opening new youtube channels in youtube and gaining followers during the time. Several YouTubers started their careers with their blogs/vlogs from youtube and now have reached greater heights and in their language a great number of followers.
Some interesting facts about youtube in India:-
  • Following its launch, YouTube has attained significance as a video sharing site, and considering the launch of Jio, YouTube, including various other social sites have earned much fame in India. 
  • YouTube is presently one of the top media cores nowadays. From basic Q&A sessions to the tutorials, YouTube is an absolute solution to everything for everyone. 
  • The latest test technology used on youtube, there are innumerable channels that are accessible to the host videos.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with 1 Billion different visitors per month. 

Here in this article, we will be telling you the TOP 10 TECH YOUTUBE CHANNELS IN INDIA of 2020

Technical Guruji

1- Technical Guruji – Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji is a pretty successful YouTube channel in India. It is that famous and popular that if it comes to tech, the first name that appears in mind is Technical Guruji. 
About the channel:-
  • It is based out of Dubai
  • The topics concern to gadget reviews, technology news, tips and tutorials about devices and comprises a broad spectrum of gadgets starting from mobile phones, to smartwatches, to televisions, ISPs, and even cryptocurrencies.
About Gaurav Chaudhary:-
  • Channel Name – Technical Guruji
  • Name – Gaurav Chaudhary
  • Channel Was Started In -18 Oct 2015
  • Subscribers – 12,818,530 subscribers
  • Videos – 1363 +
  • Views – 1,207,218,424 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – No
  • Location – Dubai
The purpose behind the channel:-
The host of the YouTube channel Technical Guruji claimed that the motive behind building the channel was to make it quite effortless to understand and know the technical videos in Hindi for the masses of India. 


Geeky Ranjit

2- Geekyranjit – Ranjit Kumar

The host of the YouTube channel called Geekyranjit is Ranjit Kumar. 
About the channel:-
  • In this channel he speaks concerning the Android Tips and Tricks, Smartphone Review, Unboxing of New Smartphone, Gadgets Review such as Android, Apple iPhones, the routers, speakers and, headphones, Electronic Products Review. 
  • He also explains technicality related to these devices.
  • Unquestionably GEEKYRANJIT is the prime standard tech Youtube channel of India.
  • Ranjit Kumar commenced his Youtube journey the Geekyranjit in 2K11. He also explains technicality related to these devices. He also manages a review website Tech2Buzz. 
  • Although he entered several years earlier, Technical Guruji is currently the number one in tech YouTubers list instead of him.
About Ranjit Kumar:-
  • Name – Ranjit Kumar
  • Channel Name – Geekyranjit
  • Channel Was Started – Jan 6, 2011
  • Subscribers – 2,668,690 subscribers
  • Language – English
  • Videos-2209+
  • Views – 515,182,816 views
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
Earlier he had resigned from his job as an IT consultant to commence his own YouTube channel now known as Geekyranjit.
  • Location – Hyderabad
  • Operates a gadget review website acknowledged as



Trakin Tech




Arun Prabhudesa is the founder of Armoks Digital and chief Youtuber at Trakin Tech. Trakin Tech is among one of the fastest-growing Youtube Channel that highlights everyday videos on Smartphone & Gadget Reviews, Unboxing videos, breaking Tech Stories and Tech News. 
In every video, he gives news, opinions, and viewpoints on everything related to gadgets, technology, and innovations. 
The pace at which this comparatively new Youtube channel has breached the 1 million mark is truly fantastic: Within 15 months of announcing its first blog, Tech has established 10 lakh tech lovers to subscribe to the channel, and become part of the family.
  • Subscribers – 3.32 million 
  • Videos – 2118+
  • Views – 270,202,925
  • Joined Nov 1, 2011


Technical Sagar


4– Technical Sagar:- Abhishek Sagar

Abhishek Sagar, claims to be a self-taught white-hat hacker and further a commerce graduate from India. Abhishek Sagar who is generally recognised as Technical Sagar is a skilled Ethical Hacker. He constantly aspires to let people know about the internet. 
About the channel:-
  • On the Technical Sagar YouTube channel, there are several kinds of content, notably videos of Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, along with Blogging, WordPress as well as about technology-related facts. 
  • But he is too creating videos on technical tips and tricks.
About Abhishek Sagar:-
  • Name – Abhishek Sagar
  • Channel Name – Technical Sagar
  • Channel Started – Dec 20, 2014
  • Videos – 711+
  • Subscribers – 1,941,265 subscribers
  • Views- 125,037,213 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full Time You Tuber – Yes
  • Location – Delhi


Shlok srivastava-Tech Burner

5. Tech burner

Tech Burner is the Delhi base Indian YouTuber. He uploads the Tech video, unboxing, tech talks and about any topic on his Youtube channel Tech Burner. The Real Name Of Tech Burner Is Shlok Srivastava but his passionate fans call him Takniki Jwalak. Shlok Srivastava was born on 22 November 1996 in Delhi and now he is 23 years old in 2019. 

Tech Burner Social Media Sites 

He is extremely active on his social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook etc. Therefore he has a good fan following on his social media accounts.
Tech Burner email
  • Instagram: 105k + followers
  • Facebook: 18k + Likes on his Page
  • Twitter: 2.5k+ followers
  • Tech burner website:
Total number of videos:- 494 videos
Subscribers:- 2.25M subscribers
Started:- Joined Sep 26, 2014
Number of views on videos:- 164,776,417 views
Beebom youtube channel


Beebom is one of the foremost consumer technology websites directed at assisting people to understand and use technology in a more conventional way. 
Founded in 2011 (then called thetecnica) as an effort, turned into a passion and following into an obligation to assist people to use technology in the most effective means possible.
Total number of viewers:- 446 videos
Subscribers:- 1.85M subscribers
Joined Feb 9, 2016
Number of views:- 220,297,200 views
The Team
Kapil Jindal – Chief Executive Officer
Devinder Maheshwari – Chief Business Officer and Editorial Head
Rupesh Sinha – Videos Head and Section Editor
Sharun Mittal – Video Editor and Producer


Techno Ruhez

7– Techno Ruhez – Ruhez Amrelia

Ruhez has made a lot of Struggle in his initial days but he has not dropped his hat and now the name of Ruhez Amrelia comes in Top 10 Indian Tech Youtube channels. Techno Ruhez is a pretty interesting YouTube channel who creates tech content in a funny way. 
He is largely recognised for creating funny tech reviews and news and particularly mocking technology firms and companies.
About the channel:-
  • The channel presents easy and manageable tips and ad tutorials for tech-beginners on how to apply their latest device and get untapped knowledge regarding a gadget.
  • The user additionally gets the Daily Tech News along with the SmartPhone Reviews and Unboxing, Gadgets Review. 
  • Apart from the generic technology reviews and news, the channel also posts tips and tricks for gadgets that the ‘common-man has not tried before’. 
  • Ruhez primarily delivers tech content in Hindi.
The purpose behind the channel:-
Amrelia, says that he intends to present easy and manageable tips and ad tutorials for tech-beginners on how to apply their latest device and get untapped knowledge regarding a gadget.
About Ruhez Amrelia:- 
  • Name – Ruhez Amrelia
  • Channel Name – Techno Ruhez
  • Channel Started – Jan 8, 2015
  • Videos – 835 +
  • Subscribers – 1,266,036 subscribers
  • Views- 120,605,621 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location -Mumbai


sharmaji technical



8– Sharmaji Technical – Praval Sharma

Praval Sharma began to create the video in Hindi to present tech reviews in the Hindi language so that it could reach out to the audience who desired to learn and understand technology in the language Hindi. 
About the channel:-
  • Sharmaji Technical is the primary YouTube Channel which commenced to tell about the technology in the Hindi language.
  • Sharmaji Technical is a tech vlog, started in May 2015. 
  • Sharma is a pretty skilled Tech content creator. He is contributing to tech reviews.
  • Sharmaji Technical is additionally one of the technology vloggers who likewise has an Android background. Consequently, he is creating video reviews.
About Praval Sharma:-
  • Name – Praval Sharma
  • Channel Name – Sharmaji Technical
  • Channel Started – Mar 26, 2008
  • Subscribers – 1,616,074 subscribers
  • Videos – 2118+
  • Views – 213,227,568 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
Before shifting to a YouTube personality Praval Sharma was an engineer, he spent his life in the IT sector. He has secured positions as a technical engineer at Ericsson and as an Application Specialist at the ABB ISDC.
  • Location – Delhi India


Technical Dost

9– Technical Dost – Hitesh Kumar

This Delhi based YouTuber and started his YouTube channel, Technical Dost, in 2016. 
About the channel:-
  • Technical Dost is a YouTube channel that is completely distinct from the other Tech Channels. 
  • Technical Dost provides the information on Smartphone Review, Internet Knowledge Trending Tech Update, Tech News and is illustrated in a funny style. This is the reason the channel is different from other channels. 
  • Technical Dost YouTube channel, contributes entertainment along with technical knowledge. 
About Hitesh Kumar:-
  • Name – Hitesh Kumar
  • Channel Name – Technical Dost
  • Channel Started – Jun 11, 2016
  • Videos – 370 +
  • Subscribers – 1,380,687 subscribers
  • Views- 93,284,871 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location -Delhi, India


My smart Support

10– My Smart Support- Dharmendra

Dharmendra Kumar is an Indian tech YouTuber from a secluded village of Bihar. Dharmendra Kumar is likewise the most prominent name for providing tech support. Dharmendra tips, as well as tutorials on SEO and Website Development, are admired by many people. 
About the channel:-
  • On the channel, My Smart Support one can get videos regarding Adsense, YouTube, Web Development, App Development and more. 
  • My Smart Support is extremely helpful and the most significant support channel for people who are seeing into the internet industry via Youtube or blogging.
  • My Smart Support channel on YouTube is considerably old, here one can study all about A to Z of YouTube.
About Dharmendra:-
  • Name – Dharmendra
  • Channel Name – My smart Support
  • Channel Started – Jul 26, 2012
  • Videos – 557 +
  • Subscribers – 1,022,666 subscribers
  • Views- 85,350,739 views
  • Language – Hindi
  • Full-Time YouTuber – Yes
  • Location – Patna, Bihar


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