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Android 14 UPDATE tracker

Although Android 13’s final release is just around the corner, Google developers are never sleeping. It’s safe to assume that there are already a roadmap and plans for the subsequent big release, Android 14. While we now know what Android 13 will and will not support, we can already assemble a wishlist of features that sadly haven’t made it into the most recent version of Android. 

Android 14 RELEASE Date

Android 14 could be announced in May 2023 at Google I/O 2023. However, its Developer Preview build will likely release in February 2023 and Beta Build in April 2023.  The stable version of Android 14 will likely be released in August 2023.

Here’s what we know  so far

Predictive Features

When using Android’s back gesture, it isn’t always clear to the user whether the action will exit the app or navigate the user to a previous screen within the app.  This is because there’s usually no feedback indicating what will happen when the back gesture is performe

Satellite Connectivity

Following the joint announcement from T-Mobile and SpaceX to use low-Earth orbit satellites to expand coverage to remote locations “previously unreachable by traditional cell signals”,  Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android, took to Twitter to say that he was “excited to support our partners in enabling all of this in the next version of Android!”

Mandatory Support For AV1 Decoding

Google is one of the biggest backers of AV1, a royalty-free, highly efficient video compression algorithm developed by the Alliance for Open Media of which Google is a part of.  Google’s own YouTube platform already encodes a lot of newly uploaded 4K and 8K resolution content in AV1, for instance.